Accelerate Applications 50X

Low Latency. High throughput. Embarrassingly parallel. Application transparency.

Very Low Energy Footprint

< 24 watts. 95%+ energy, infrastructure and real estate savings.

200+ Man Years of Experience

Systems focus. Ease of application integration. Fundamental patents.

Linux and Windows™ Support

Ubuntu. Debian. CentOS. Windows Server 2003, 2008 and HPC.

Hybrid Computing Leader
Achieving unparalleled improvement in time to actionable intelligence

With over 200 man-years of experience in developing low latency, high capacity solutions DRC has a unique talent in big data applications. By utilizing a task based architecture DRC has the optimized data management/data analytics balance. The key to the ultra-high performance is distributing processing capacity so that's its available where its needed rather than centralizing it. Moving the processing to the data versus the data to the processor.


Utilizing the latest techniques in massively parallel computing DRC technology enables real-time streaming analysis of incoming data at very high speed. Replacing cumbersome and slow extract, transform and load processes with on-the-fly analysis enables instantaneous actionable intelligence.

Massively Scalable

Designed to address the very largest big data analytic requirements the DRC technology can start small and scale as data volumes and latency requirements demand. Scaling to petabytes of data and millions of transactions per second enables the most demanding of environments to be addressed.

DRC computer has set a world performance record in bioinformatics achieving 9.4 trillion cell updates per second using the Smith-Waterman technique. And at a price/performance 5 times better than previous records.


Massive concentration of computing power at very low energy consumption in a physically small real estate can result in saving of 95%+ in space, energy and infrastructure costs. And the deployed solution has 10x price/performance improvement over conventional solutions.